Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Suffolk: BREXIT-resistant

Following the Referendum I expected to see a negative reaction in our local property market but, thankfully, I was wrong. This can’t be said for all areas across the UK but Suffolk has, fortunately, proved Brexit-resistant.

Sixty percent of Suffolk’s electorate voted to leave Europe and Brexit has made us take stock. We face a different kind of future and times are changing but we are optimistic about the property market for the year ahead.

In July I tweeted about our all-time record selling month including sales agreed, exchanges and completions; the Autumn market looks very promising too. 

Interestingly, in the past four weeks, a few Australian buyers have registered with us in their search for property. One such couple explained to me that the exchange rate was fuelling their decision to buy now and they had chosen Suffolk specifically for the vibrancy and friendliness of our well-served villages. 

They appreciate the rusticity of our countryside and coastal regions and also the general lack of one-upmanship - they like our relaxed vibe. They had carried out due diligence on where best to buy in the UK which had led them to fall for Suffolk’s rosy glow and its comparative good value for money.

Lavenham and Long Melford have been top of their search list which brings me on to the changing face of our high streets in our market towns and larger villages. Walk along either of these high streets now and you get a sense of new, sophisticated café societies emerging.  Suffolk has grown up and this changing face is one of the most obvious indicators as consumer trends change. The growing café and gallery culture combines with stylish boutiques stocking high-end, trendy brands.

Coastal regions like Aldeburgh and Southwold are akin to Chelsea-on-Sea these days but, in my mind, the town that stands out for the most significant transformation in recent years has to be Hadleigh. 

Few high streets offer as much as Hadleigh’s does. A new and excellent selection of shops, boutiques, restaurants & pubs, everyday amenities, doctors’ surgery, schools, sports facilities and clubs and all within walking distance of the other.

The town has a beautiful selection of colourful houses and is surrounded by stunning countryside with riverside walks. It hosts the annual, agricultural Hadleigh Show and also benefits from good access for both Manningtree and Colchester stations; add to this, the success of industries on its outskirts such as Celotex and Jim Lawrence. 

Hadleigh is a perfect Suffolk example of how country living, commerce, agriculture and tourism can co-exist in a comfortable and natural way.

Maybe this charming self-sufficiency is another reason why Suffolk is, so far, proving to be Brexit-resistant.

Caroline Edwards
Residential Sales, Long Melford

T: 01787 888622

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